Bring your Number

Bring your current number to Flash Mobile easily. First, fill the printed format and keep it in hand. Download it here.

IFT guides you trough the Portability process.

1) Activate your Flash Mobile SIM Card and keep your Flash Mobile number in hand, as you will write it in the form below. Also, keep you Flash Mobile SIM Card in hand.

2) Put your previous carrier number inside your mobile again, and send an SMS with the word NIP to the 051 number or make a call to that number. You will receive an SMS with the 4 digit NIP you need to write in the form.

IMPORTANT: You shouldn’t ask for your NIP from the Flash Mobile SIM Card since the request will be rejected. Do it from your previous carrier SIM.

3) Keep your CURP in hand.

Fill the form below and choose when you want to change your number. The portability will be completed at the date you’ve chosen, as long as all the data are correct.

Check your Portability Status

You only need to add the number you are porting to Flash Mobile, click on Search and that’s it!

Click here to go to the form

Pros of doing it online

  • You don’t need intermediaries
  • It’s simple
  • It’s accurate
  • It’s immediate